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  Eastern Iowa's SQL Server User Group
  Cedar Rapids • Iowa City

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Powershell Modules for the DBA

  • In-Person @ 415 12th Ave SE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa (map)
  • Tue, May 08 2018
    17:30 - 19:30 Central Daylight Time
  • Language: English

Featured Presentation:

Powershell Modules for the DBA

Ben Miller, SQL Server Architect Ben Miller & Associates, Inc.

Ever wonder what the buzz is about using SQL Server and PowerShell together? If you have wondered, you are not alone. This User Group Session goes into the PowerShell modules that are out there that make your life so much better. From the SQLServer module from Microsoft to the DBATools module from the SQL Server Community (created by Chrissy LeMaire) there are so many good Functions out there that you will love. We will be diving into the commands and where you can get the most bang for the buck out of them. Join me for a great look at these modules and how they can make your DBA work more productive. On the journey to become a PowerShell DBA

About Ben:
Ben has been a member of the SQL Server Community since 2000. He is currently working at MaritzCX revolutionizing the SQL Server environment and loving it. He also consults on SQL Server problems. He is a SQL Server MVP a SQL Server MCM, and has spent time in the field using SQL Server since 1997. He has worked at various companies throughout the US, as well as at Microsoft for 7 years. He is passionate about SQL Server and automation and integration and uses SMO and PowerShell regularly. He teaches DBAs how to use PowerShell as well. He is @DBAduck all around the web (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook)

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