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I-380 Local Chapter Meeting - Performance Optimization 101

  • In-Person @ 201 S Clinton St, Iowa City, Iowa (map)
  • Tue, Jun 12 2018
    17:30 - 19:30 Central Daylight Time
  • Language: English

Featured Presentation:

SQL Server Optimization 101

Pat Phelan, GIR Involta, LLC.

This session covers the basics of optimization from the perspective of the DBA (Data Base Administrator). Everyone wants to find the magic "go faster" switch, but it usually takes a plan and a lot of hard work to make a difference. Sometimes the problem isn't in the database, but more often the problem is spread across many parts of the application. This session covers the basic points that the DBA needs to cover in order to find out what the users really want, what they currently have, which pieces are likely to produce the fastest and easiest gains in overall performance, and hopefully ways to end up with happy users! The basic process is covered. Demos are based on SQL Server 2016 Standard Edition. Some third-party tools are also discussed and/or demonstrated. In order to understand this session, the attendee needs to understand SQL Server well (administer a server or servers with at least 100 users for at least 18 months). A basic understanding of PowerShell, the Windows Operating System, the VM or hardware architecture of the machine running their SQL Server will help a great deal

About Pat:
Pat Phelan first joined a computer user group (DECUS) in High School, and has joined many more since then. Pat worked many jobs in high school and college, and over twenty years for a major accounting firm. Pat started working for Involta in 2007 and is now the database mentor and a member of the Engineering team. Involta builds, owns and operates world class colocation datacenters and also provides managed services and support staff to clients.

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