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  Eastern Iowa's SQL Server User Group
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How did you get in here, and who said that you could do that???

  • In-Person @ 201 S Clinton St, Iowa City, Iowa (map)
  • Tue, Apr 09 2019
    17:30 - 19:30 Central Daylight Time
  • Language: English

Featured Presentation:

How did you get in here, and who said you could do that???

Pat Phelan, GIR Involta, LLC.

This session covers the "101" issues of security within SQL Server. It covers authentication (AD, SQL Server, and Application Roles) and the basics of security declarations. This is targeted at entry and mid level database administrators and application designers that need an introduction or a refresher on how to grant access to the database engine and permissions at the SQL Server and database levels. NOTE: this presentation does NOT cover hacking, security work-arounds, etc.

About Pat:
Pat Phelan first joined a computer user group (DECUS) in High School, and has joined many more since then. Pat worked many jobs in high school and college, and over twenty years for a major accounting firm. Pat started working for Involta in 2007 and is now the database mentor and a member of the Engineering team. Involta builds, owns and operates world class colocation datacenters and also provides managed services and support staff to clients.

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